Partnership with parents

Here in kindercrescent we recognize that parents are the first educators of their children and that is why we that we ensure that you are involved at all stages in your child’s care & education. We respect your parental wishes at all times.

We are committed to ensuring parental involvement in the operation of the nursery.

• we operate an open door policy, where parents are welcome anytime during the day.
• we have clear systems of communication with parents in place at all times, both oral & written
• when your child joins us in kindercrescent,you are invited to give us information about you child, completing our” getting to know your child” forms, as well as child record forms etc. We respect the confidentiality of all information about parents, children & families. We share all information with you about your child including observations and any other written records we have in kindercrescent.
• we give you parent hanbooks about kindercrescent nursery upon the enrolment of your child
• we give daily reports to you about you child, when you can speak with your child’s carer.We keep a written record of your child’s day with us, from what your child did during the day to food & nutrition, sleep,nappy changing /toileting. Parents can always feel free to seek the advice of staff, many of whom are mum’s to young children too!
• there is an account of daily activities displayed in each room
• we have monthly newsletters sent to all parents
• we give you report cards & progress reports about your child at the end of each term.